RUTILEA, Inc. (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, President and CEO: Takafumi Yano, hereinafter referred to as RUTILEA) has concluded a joint research agreement with Kyoto University in June 2022.

RUTILEA has been working to solve labour shortages using machine vision in the manufacturing, logistics, and retail industries. Through joint research with Kyoto University, we will consider establishing a business model based on digital immigration that uses information and communication technology and blockchain technology to work across physical borders. Digital migration is the provision of labour across borders in a remote environment.

◆Research background

The number of births in Japan in 2021 is approximately 810,000, which is less than one-third of the number during the first baby boom (approximately 2.7 million). There are concerns that domestic industry will decline due to a labour shortage due to the declining birthrate.

◆Research purpose

Enabling digital immigration to be used on a real business level as a solution to labour shortages

◆Research content

Identification of services that digital immigrants can provide and investigation of market size and difficulty of market entry.

Robot control experiment using remote control from a remote location.

Consideration of the new challenges created by digital migration.

Through this research, we aim to establish a business model based on digital immigration, and plan to submit a research report to an academic conference by 2024.