RUTILEA No-Code Video Recognition AI for Manufacturing DX

Rutilea Efficient Operations (REO), an operation analysis system with no-code video recognition AI, is released to manufacturers. It improves the efficiency and safety of manufacturing processes.

RUTILEA, a manufacturing DX company, is releasing "Rutilea Efficient Operations", software that can recognise videos with no-code AI.

1.What "REO" can do

Operation analysis: automatic measurement of work speed, number of operations and progress.

Process assurance: detection of errors in work procedures.

Safety assurance: detects the presence or absence of safety devices and manual intrusion into hazardous areas.

2.Easy set-up

The software allows no-code work registration, so no programmer is required and the camera can be used from the day it is installed.

In the manufacturing industry, where further personnel shortages are a concern, RUTILEA contributes to improving the efficiency of the manufacturing process and worker safety through this software.

About Us

RUTILEA is aiming to realise a society where AI is implemented in all business processes. RUTILEA's mission is to develop products with AI focused engineers from around the world, and to solve the problems of manufacturers in the automotive, supplier, consumer electronics, electrical equipment, contract manufacturing and other industries with digital solutions.

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