RUTILEA, Inc. works to solve world labour shortages through the use of AI. 

Marubeni Information Systems Corporation (abbreviated as MSYS hereafter) will start selling the no-code AI image processing inspection software 'ImagePro' from RUTILEA Inc. (Head Office: Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture; President: Takafumi Yano), a manufacturing DX company.

In the inspection process of the manufacturing industry, visual inspections are carried out by employees, but there is a growing need to automate the inspection process in order to eliminate variations in inspection quality and the shortage of skilled inspectors. However, the main method of automating the inspection process is outsourced system development, but this requires not only new development, but also individual development tailored to the usage environment, such as customisation to accommodate multiple workpieces and a review of inspection standards, which increases the time and cost required to introduce the system. Even when systems are developed in-house, a large number of man-hours are required to write the source code by engineers skilled in programming.

ImagePro is a software that enables the creation of image processing inspection programmes with no-code development, without using programming languages such as C++ or Python for development, and by drag-and-drop operation of the mouse, inspection and analysis programmes consisting of rule-based AI. This significantly reduces development man-hours. The developed inspection/analysis programme is applied to the target workpiece image captured by the camera to execute the inspection process. You can also utilise 'anomaly detection', 'code & character reading', etc., which can be learnt and implemented using only images.

With the cooperation of Rutilea, which has AI focused engineers for advanced no-code development, MSYS is proposing ImagePro to the automotive and other manufacturing industries to help solve issues of accuracy improvement and automation in visual inspection. 

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