RUTILEA will participate in the 6th edition of the Start-up Alliance Link on Tuesday 1 August, organised by the Kyoto Knowledge Industry Creation Forest, Kyoto Prefecture and TECHBLITZ (Ishin Corporation).

Startup Alliance Link is an online matching event whose main purpose is to match start-ups in Kyoto, where deep-tech companies gather, with business companies and others wishing to promote innovation. This year, seven start-ups from Kyoto in the field of AI will be speaking at the event.

Takayuki Tanaka, Head of CSO Business Development, RUTILEA Inc., will take the platform to introduce problem-solving solutions that utilise generation AI, such as defective image generation AI and zero-shot picking.

Defective image generation AI 

The generation AI is used to generate a large number of defective images for data training, which are necessary for automated visual inspection. Using the generated images, the accuracy of visual inspection can be significantly improved.

Zero-shot picking

Automated picking can be easily implemented with advanced technology that can automate the bin picking process without the need to train object detection algorithms.


You can register and watch the video here (free of charge).

Event Summary

Operated by: Kyoto Wisdom Industry Creation Forest, Kyoto Prefecture, TECHBLITZ (Ishin Co., Ltd.)

Date: Tuesday, 1 August 2023, 10:00-11:30 (scheduled)

RUTILEA pitch order:  No. 1 (scheduled 10:07-10:16)

Format: Online pitch|viewer pre-registration required

Cost: Free of charge