"AI Made Easy", AI products provider RUTILEA, Inc. has formed a capital and business alliance with WingArc 1st Corporation (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Jun Tanaka; hereinafter referred to as WingArc 1st). Through this alliance, RUTILEA's AI products and WingArc 1st's corporate data utilisation support services will be linked in order to develop new business.

Objectives of the capital and business alliance                                

WingArc 1st is a professional company that has been supporting the business efficiency and performance improvement of many companies for about 30 years. Providing BI tools such as MotionBoard, which aggregates and visualises data, and Dr.Sum, which integrates and utilises large amounts of scattered corporate data. RUTILEA is a leading provider of BI tools.

RUTILEA since its founding in 2018  has been providing AI products that help improve operational efficiency by making highly accurate AI ready to use.

Specifically, providing FactoryAI (visual inspection AI including inspection for foreign objects, video analysis AI for work analysis and hazardous work detection, and OCR AI), AI products targeted at improving the efficiency of manufacturing processes, as well as multi-modal AI that simultaneously processes two or more different types of data such as video and sensor information targeted at industries other than manufacturing.

By linking RUTILEA's AI with WingArc 1st's BI tools, it is possible to utilise information from video data that could not be analysed before, thereby expanding the ways in which companies can utilise their data and improving its value.

WingArc 1st Comment

Over the past few years, we have experienced customer needs for safer and more stable operations at manufacturing and construction sites by converting camera images into data, to bring quality improvement and safety management to prevent defective products, and have pursued the implementation of technology in a way that would benefit our customers. This capital and business alliance is the result of RUTILEA's advanced technological capabilities and aspirations. The technical collaboration between our company and RUTILEA will accelerate the automation of data analysis and make it more accessible. We are convinced that this collaboration will make data more accessible, empower people on the frontline and increase the competitiveness of companies. We will continue to support our customers' use of data as a Sherpa for data utilisation.

 Shigeo Osawa, Executive Officer, General Manager of Data Empowerment Division, WingArc 1st Corporation


Many AI products have the problem of being "complicated to set up". In particular, video analysis using AI has not reached a practical level, and we have been developing products for two years, believing that this is a good business opportunity to simplify the process of introducing AI, which is our mission.

This capital and business alliance was made possible by WingArc 1st's customer-oriented desire to raise the level of its products and respond to customer issues, and our technological capabilities. We believe that this technical collaboration will provide WingArk 1st's data analysis software with new AI added value and strengthen WingArk 1st's product concept of "improving the competitiveness of companies by utilising data".

The Company will continue to simplify the process of introducing AI and realise solutions to customer issues.

 Takafumi Yano, President and Representative Director, RUTILEA Inc.