"AI Made Easy" RUTILEA, Inc., which provides zero-code AI products, has been selected by the Kinki Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry as a J-Startup KANSAI.

J-Startup KANSAI is the regional version of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's project to discover and select start-ups in the Kansai region and to support the selected companies throughout the region.

From the perspective of 'selecting and supporting start-ups in the region', the selection process was based on recommendations from 81 leading entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, accelerators and other people familiar with start-ups in the Kansai region, and 12 companies were newly selected.

J-startup KANSAI | Jstartup関西 (next-innovation.go.jp)

With your support, we will continue to actively work on improving labour productivity through the introduction of AI in the Kansai region and throughout the country.

Our initiatives

“AI Made Easy.” Aiming to realize a society where AI is implemented in all business processes", our mission is to provide AI products that contribute to improving labor productivity by making highly accurate AI ready to use since our founding in 2018.

These include document generation AI to solve document creation issues, faulty image generation AI and zero-code inspection AI to solve foreign object inspection issues, and multi-modal AI and REO to solve factory and shop issues with video analysis.