RUTILEA, Inc. (headquarters: Kyoto, Japan; President: Takafumi Yano) is pleased to announce the start of a joint project with the Royal Institute of Technology Mongkut (KMUTT), Institute of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, Thailand.

Meeting between Dr.Kritdikorn Wongswangpanichi and Yano, CEO of RUTILEA

RUTILEA is collaborating with the Science Technology and Innovation Policies Institute (STIPI), an affiliate of the Royal Institute of Technology Mongkut (KMUTT) in Thailand. The official project is released as “Artificial Intelligence Systems for the Detection and Prevention of Crime in Public Closed Areas”. The collaboration will start in mid-August of this year and is expected to last approximately seven months.

In Thailand, gun ownership is allowed on a registration basis. As public shootings have become a social problem, it is difficult for police officers to take on the responsibility of preventing gun crimes despite their already heavy workload. Considering the situation, this project aims to develop an AI technology to detect firearms from videos to protect the safety of citizens in public areas.

The development of AI-based firearms detection is progressing rapidly worldwide. The introduction of RUTILEA’s technology in the project supplements the technical difficulty encountered by Thai AI companies and provides an easier solution in terms of quality and price compared to foreign companies with equivalent technologies.

With “Unleashing AI for All: Zero Code, Zero Hassle” as the slogan, RUTILEA will continue its efforts to realize a society where AI can be easily integrated into all business processes in Japan and the rest of the world.