Automatic inspection of the packaging condition (quantity and order) of connecting rods, one of the main engine components.


At a connecting rods manufacturing factory, the rods must be lined up in designated order at the time of shipment. The checking of the order is conducted visually by human which has caused complaints from suppliers due to human inspection mistakes.

One unit of shipment tray contains approximately 280 connecting rods. As the inspection requires checking the numbers on the connecting rods, it takes about 5 minutes for this visual operation which leads to the occurrence of human error.


Reduces inspection time by 102 hours within a month


Achieve fast inspection with automated inspection system! 

1. With a caster, insert a tray with lined-up connecting rods into the inspection device.

2. Hit the start button on the GUI and finishes the inspection within 30 seconds.

3. Records of one month are automatically stored in the device along with images.

Each inspection targeted item is recorded individually in the result which could include the inspection date, time, and target serial number.

GUI of the inspection system